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Policy conditions

Policy highlights

  1. Uniform coverage of INR 300,000 for you and your family
  2. You can enrol any 5 of your dependents - spouse, children (upto 25 years), either set of parents or parents in law and siblings(upto 25 years)
  3. The top up options are unlimited and Flipkart incentivizes a Top up of INR 100,000 to every employee who chooses to Top up
  4. Maternity coverage for normal delivery is INR 65,000 & caesarean INR 80,000
  5. Pre-existing diseases are covered for all enroled members
  6. Room rent for normal room is INR 6,000 and ICU it is as per actual. Option to increase with Top up
  7. Cataract surgery capped at INR 30,000 per eye
  8. Infertility treatment limited to INR 100,000 per family
  9. income protection benefit for prolonged hospitalizationon account of critical medical contingencies
  10. Newly introduced cancer protection benefits only for employees : benefit of INR 1.5 lacs will be paid to the employee on detection of cancer once the sum insured is exhausted
  11. Approved Robotic Surgeries on critical ailments upto basic floater sum insured value

Highlights of Top Up Policy

  1. The Top up options are unlimited and Flipkart incentivizes a Top Up of INR 100,000 to every employee who chooses to opt for a Top Up Policy
  2. Higher the Top up - Higher will be your Room Rent Limit (Refer table below)
  3. All other policy features remain the same as our Corporate Health Insurance policy Top up Policy cover triggers after the exhaustion of the Corporate offered base cover
  4. Avail Tax benefit under section 80D*
Total Sum Insured Including Top up 5 or 6 Lacs 7 or 10 Lacs 11 Lacs & Above
Base Sum Insured 3 Lacs 3 Lacs 3 Lacs
Top-up Range (Employee purchase) 1 or 2 Lacs 3, 4, 5, 6 Lacs More than 7 Lacs
Flipkart Funded Top-up Sum Insured 1 Lac 1 Lac 1 Lac
Base Policy Coverage Except Room Rent Continues Continues Continues
Room Rent Enhanced to INR 7,000 Enhanced to INR 8,000 No Room Rent Capping
Top-up Premium for per Lac INR 2,500 per Lac Inclusive of Service Tax

All figures in INR